Commissioning Information

Gough is special and unique in providing a complete service for their customers.

We will take full responsibility to ensure our solution is properly and safely installed in your facilities by Gough Qualified Tradesmen.

Key Advantages of Commissioned Systems

Following mutually agreed methods of working we will handover the commissioned system to your operational staff concluding necessary training where appropriate.

When product is available, Gough will be pleased to return to the site to ensure systems are properly "tuned", addressing any teething issues with our own and interfacing equipment.

  • Site Surveys
  • Interface Machinery Assessment
  • Product Feeding & Delivery Criteria and Control
  • Scope Definition
  • Method Statement/Risk Assessments
Commissioning - M2 dailycer swinglink

Installation of Commissioned Systems

Gough installation teams are fully trained and equipped; this not only covers the understanding of the installation of handling equipment and control systems but also their integration with other production and packaging machinery. Teams have a wide range of associated skills, ranging from first aid to swinging and lifting and are experienced in the problems associated with confined space working. Our staff carry necessary Food Safety Passports and qualifications / certification support to discharge our responsibilities.

Remember, Gough have been installing their equipment consistently during the last twenty years. Bringing this ability to your projects helps reduce cost and speed up operational commissioning.

Commissioning - FIBC Bag Dischargers

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