Plastics & Polymers Overview

One of our core products, the Vibrecon Pellet Screener, is a specially adapted version of the Vibrecon Vibratory Separator. The larger versions of the system are capable of processing several cubic meters of pellets an hour.

We have also used ultrasonic screening techniques to screen plastic powder which couldn’t be screened using conventional vibrations.

Plastics & Polymers Production

Plastic Pellets

The Vibrecon Pellet Screener has been specially designed to remove any oversize pieces like angel hairs and doubles, and any fine particles.

Removing these is a vital part of the manufacturing process if you want a high-quality final product. When the pellets are melted down ready to be moulded, it is important that the pellets melt uniformly, and any remaining large pieces don’t melt completely and form lumps, while fines burn up quickly and leave marks in the plastic.

Plastic Pellets

Plastic Powder

A customer required a method of screening plastic powder to make it ready to use in a coating application.

As the plastic powder was so fine, conventional sieving techniques suffered due to the powder blinding the screening mesh and severely limiting its performance. A special version of the Vibrecon Vibratory Separator was fitted with an ultrasonics package to eliminate the screen blinding problem, and greatly increasing the throughput capacity of the system.

Plastic Powder

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