Our Experience With The Food And Beverage Industry

For over 70 years Gough Engineering has specialised in the design, supply, installation, commissioning, service and after-sales support of product and ingredient handling machinery for the Food and Beverage industries.

From screening sugar in Africa to using bucket elevators for cornflakes in Southeast Asia, Gough have the experience and know-how to deal with the most complex, or simplest, product handling requirements.

To assist you in retaining and adding value to your products whilst being produced and processed by specialist’s equipment, Gough Engineering has the equipment to convey, classify, screen, sieve and elevate.

Foods Production

Snack Foods, Baked Goods & Biscuits

Gough have been screening, conveying, elevating and feeding ingredients, raw materials and finished products for the Snack Food industry in hundreds of applications.

From handling Popcorn in the West Midlands to conveying crisps in the Lebanon, Gough Engineering have worked on numerous and varied applications within the Snack Food industry. If you would like to fill in the 'Quick Enquiry' at the bottom of the page we would be happy to answer any of your materials handling queries.


Cereals, Animal Feeds & Pet Food

Gough has worked with multi-national cereal manufacturers all over world, from conveying cornflakes to screening oats.

Gough have acquired the experience and know-how to work with an array of cereals, ranging from cereal bars to coated cereals, in their processing and packaging production lines, with care and efficiency as priorities.

With experience of working with a wide selection of product shapes, sizes, weights and textures, Gough has supplied equipment for a high number of the world’s leading animal feed and pet food manufacturers.

Animal Feeds Processor

Confectionery & Chocolate

Gough has worked with multinational confectionery manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, manufacturing turnkey systems for Blue Chip companies to SME's.

With hundreds of pieces of machinery located throughout the world, Gough Engineering has worked with some of the largest Confectionery and Chocolate manufacturers.

Sweets & Chocolate

Fresh Foods, Chilled & Frozen goods

Gough specialises in all aspects of handling fresh ingredients and products, from the wet and sticky to the dry and fragile.

Gough provides a range of handling and screening solutions for every stage of product preparation.

We provide ‘gentle’ solutions that preserve the integrity and quality of your products from the introduction of ingredients and raw materials into your process through to final packaging and bagging.


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