Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Overview

Over the years we have manufactured a range of equipment for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Particular challenges within these industries include coping with the corrosive nature of some chemicals, and ensuring products aren’t contaminated by the machinery. As all our equipment is manufactured to order, we can specify materials such as low carbon grade 316 stainless steel to meet these challenges.

We have supplied conveyor systems handling silica gel and sieve systems to sift pharmaceutical powders, made entirely from grade 316 stainless steel to guard against corrosion and product contamination.


Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Production

Heavy Chemical Conveyor

One of our larger projects was constructing a belt conveyor system made up of a series of grade 316 stainless steel troughed belt conveyors for handling silica gel. The high grade of steel was required to withstand the corrosive effects of the product, and to guarantee a long service life as it was a large system installed in a key production area.

P4 M9 Veka Recycling (7)

Pharmaceutical Screening

The Vibrecon Pharmaceutical Sifter is a specially adapted version of the Vibrecon Vibratory Separator aimed to overcome problems specific to manufacturing pharmaceutical grade products.

The system is manufactured entirely from low carbon grade 316 stainless steel so as not to contaminate manufacturing environments in any way, and is designed to minimise ledges where dust and airborne contaminants may settle.

pharmaceutical sifter

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