Robotic Palletizing Systems Information

The Robot Palletising System is a fully integrated system for loading, wrapping and transferring pallets ready for shipment.

The robotic arm can be customised to load boxes, trays, crates, bales, bags and pots using either pneumatic suction or a mechanical arm. The robotic arm can load up to four pallets simultaneously from a single feed of products.

An intuitive touch screen control system means pallet patterns can be set up and edited quickly, with decisions supported by an automatic editing system that can recommend layouts for maximum capacity and stability.

An automatic pallet dispenser and integrated transfer system means the whole process, from loading to wrapping and dispensing can be completed without supervision or intervention.

Robotic Palletizing Systems

Key Advantages of a Robotic Palletizing System

Fully Automated - After initial programming, the system can run through the entire palletising process without intervention.

Intuitive Controls - Easy to use control systems mean new palletising processes can be set up and edited.

Multi Pallet Loading - The robotic arm can load product onto four pallets at once.

Robotic Palletizing Machine

Robotic Palletizing System Design

Customised Grippers - The robotic arm used to load the pallets can be customised to transfer boxes, trays, crates, bales, bags and pots.

Pallet Dispenser - An automatic pallet dispenser further reduces the need for human intervention into the palletising process.

Integrated Transfer - The fully integrated transfer system means the systems can load, wrap, and transfer pallets ready for shipment without human intervention.

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