Pick & Place Machines Information

Pick and place machines are a fully automated, high-speed method of packaging wrapped products for shipment.

The system uses visual sensors to identify individual items, and a mechanical arm to pick out the item and place it into a box.

Pick and place machines remove the human error from the packaging process and can improve quality control by only selecting properly formed products for packing and ignoring any defective items.

The system is highly adaptive, and is capable of picking out items from an irregular flow of product, then properly orientating them so they are packed correctly.

Pick & Place Machines

Key Advantages

Gentle and Controlled Handling - Securing product inside a solid bucket provides protection during conveying and maintains product integrity.

Variable Throughputs - By varying bucket size and rate of travel, throughputs can be altered to suit any production process.

Vertical Product Elevation - The vertical bucket travel of an elevator offers significant space saving versus inclined conveying equipment.

Flexible Layouts - Vertical and horizontal sections can be combined to manoeuvre product through complex and congested production facilities.

Pick and Place Machine Design

Customised Grippers - Suction and mechanical picking grippers can be used to suit a specific packaging application.

Stainless Structure - All systems are built entirely from stainless steel making them suitable for food applications.

Quality Control - A camera inspection system is incorporated to ensure only good quality items are picked and placed into the pre-formed boxes.

Pick & Place Machines

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