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Box forming and box closing systems are able to automatically form and close boxes at a rate of over one-thousand per hour. Simple and more complex box configurations can be assembled using this automated process.

The box forming machines fold cardboard blanks and join them up using hot glue. The system can be supplied with one cardboard blank charger, or with up to three additional chargers depending on your requirements. The system is then able to switch production between these chargers in less than four seconds, ensuring a flexible process that can meet changing production demands.

After product has been loaded into the boxes, either manually or using an automatic loading system, the closing systems can be set to apply a removable lid, or to fold down and seal an attached folding lid to the boxes.

Both the box forming and box closing systems are available in double head systems, doubling the throughput with only modest increases in cost and space requirements.

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Key Advantages of Box Forming and Closing Systems

High Speed - Thousands of boxes can be formed and closed every hour.

Flexible - The systems can memorize ninety-nine different box configurations, and can switch between four of these without interruption.

Reliable - The systems can run twenty-four hours a day, and produce consistent and reliable results.

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Box Forming and Closing System Design

Modular Design - Up to four box charger modules can be included as required, allowing instant switching between production types.

Single or Double Lane - Both systems are available as double head units for increased rates of throughput.

Food Grade Systems - Systems are constructed in stainless steel, and so are suitable to fit into any production environment, including food production areas.

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