Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems can automate the whole product packaging process, from folding and filling boxes, to loading and wrapping pallets.

A single system can be configured to memorise ninety-nine different packaging processes, can work on four different processes without a system shutdown, and can switch between these four processes in less than four seconds.

The systems are high speed, can run twenty-four hours-a-day, and produce reliable, consistent results.

Key Advantages of Automated Packaging Systems

Complete Systems - From box forming, through box packing, palletizing and wrapping, this is a complete packaging solution.

High Speed Lines - High-speed packaging lines that are able to be started and reconfigured at the press of a button.

Multi-Line Packing - Multiple format packaging and palletizing lines working simultaneously with different products, boxes and pallets in one system.

Consistent Results - The automated mechanical process removes irregularities and guarantees reliable, consistent performance and results.

automated packaging systems
Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems Applications

All packaging systems are suitable for handling food products and are able to handle all kinds of irregularly shaped packages and containers. The systems can manage the whole packing process including:

  • High-speed box forming
  • Automatic box loading
  • Pick and place box loading
  • Box closing and case packing
  • Box and case transfer conveyors
  • Palletizing and wrapping

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