The Task:

One of the UK’s largest UPVC recyclers in London required a means to screen large pieces from a shredded product stream.

The system currently processes 6 tonne / hr with oversize making up 25% of this throughput. Oversize product caused issues further downstream at the granulating stage with ‘longs’ bridging in the granulator throat.

The Solution:

After an on-site meeting with the client, Gough were able to integrate a solution within the limited space available. The client’s shredder is mounted on a mezzanine at high level and is fed by an inclined conveyor. Shredded product passes vertically through a metal detector and was originally discharged onto a horizontal conveyor feeding another inclined conveyor. Gough replaced the horizontal conveyor with a Linear Vibratory Screen, discharging oversize product onto a Gough heavy duty inclined conveyor mounted tangentially. Oversize product is then conveyed into a receiving bin. Good product is discharged below the screener on to a small Gough conveyor which in turn discharges on to the client’s original inclined conveyor. The difficult task for Gough was fitting this equipment into the available space without the need for existing equipment modifications.

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The Result:

The system meets and exceeds the client’s brief, and now oversize material is taken from the material stream and reprocessed. This takes away any issues that they were experiencing during the granulation phase of their process.

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