08 Aug 2016

The Task:

A pharmaceutical business in Canada required a screening system which was to be designed, manufactured, and then installed by Gough.

A problem in the manufacturing process for waxed beads includes a large percentage of the product falling outside size specification

to move onto the next process. When designing, Gough had to consider that the product was to be screened in 350 kg batches into oversize and acceptable product and fines. Using conventional screening, the meshes would blind very easily and operator intervention was critical to encourage the product to separate. This meant the process would take up to 6 hours to screen and there would be a further downtime for cleaning before the process could be repeated.

The Solution:

Gough merged the technology of conventional circular screening with Ultrasonic aided alternative frequency. The application included the addition of a resonator ring and a controller to the deck and mesh required for the screening process.

GV4/2 San Model Vibrecon

The Result:

The system we provided had a mesh that always remained un-blinded and improved throughput by 6 times. Cleaning in between operations was now at a minimum, and batches were screened more accurately with no manual intervention required whatsoever. A consistent better quality product was in production.

GV4/2 San Model Vibrecon