08 Sep 2016

The Task:

A chemicals company in Cheshire required a conveyor to move bentonite from a ground floor production area to the second floor.

There was a restricted amount of space available in an already crowded factory floor, therefore a conveyor was required that took up minimal space whilst maintaining high throughputs.

The Solution:

Gough supplied a Swinglink Bucket Elevator for the task, with a throughput of 16 tonnes per hour. The 12m in height bucket elevator included stainless steel, heavy duty chain and dust extraction spigots built into the casing. The ‘one-in one-out’ Z shape design is often used as a simple means of vertically conveying product.

M2 Amcol 8

The Result:

The surface-treated bentonite is used to soften clothes in laundry detergents; the product is slightly corrosive however the Gough bespoke plastic buckets are designed to deal with these sorts of product.

M2 Amcol 9