08 Aug 2016

The Task:

The police force in Singapore requested a screening system to separate size debris from terrorists or similar incidents for further forensic investigation.

The Solution:

Gough created a customized solution which was a mobile single deck linear feeder screen with overband magnets which separated by size all debris, ferrous and non-ferrous particles. The solution also allowed for any metallic parts to be isolated for accurate forensic investigation.

Gough Single Deck Linear Vibratory Screen    Gough Single Deck Linear Vibratory Screen

The Result:

The system that was designed allowed all debris to be classified by size, allowing for the packing and removal to laboratory situations for further investigation. As a result of the success of this project Gough Engineering are now working with both the Vietnamese and Thai police to deliver similar solutions. This solution has also been created for the Metropolitan Police Force here in the UK.

Gough Single Deck Linear Vibratory Screen