08 Aug 2016

The Task:

A chocolate powder manufacturer in North Wales required a conveying and screening system for the transfer of chocolate powder from production to packaging lines. It was important for the machinery to be cost effective and efficient.

The Solution:

Gough supplied a Swinglink Bucket Elevator and Vibraflo Through Sieves. The Bucket Elevator is designed in a ‘Z’ shape design as a one-in-one-out unit. The Chocolate Drinking Powder enters the 9 inch (229mm) buckets at a rate of 4000kgs per hour. The standard enclosed painted mild steel casing shelters a 124 bucket series supported by a plastic chain network. Each elevator is powered by a 400V, 3 phase, 50 hertz electrical supply with a control panel included for basic operation requirements. Once the Chocolate Powder reaches the end tip point of the bucket elevator it is then released into a stainless steel chute into a Vibraflo Through Sieve to be check screened before the powder is transferred to packaging.

Swinglink Bucket Elevator and Vibraflo Through Sieves

The Result:

Gough's energy efficient Bucket Elevators are designed to provide an effective, cost-efficient interface between process and packaging equipment. Gough systems are designed to ensure that all handling of product is undertaken using methods that are inherently gentle and cause minimum distress to the products being moved. Gough has a long-standing relationship with the Cadbury / Kraft group and continue to provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective materials handling equipment to sites all over the world.

Swinglink Bucket Elevator and Vibraflo Through Sieves