The Task:

A cereals manufacturer in Yorkshire required a conveying, elevating and feeding system to connect the production and packaging sections.

The Solution:

Four Bucket Elevators were commissioned to move a range of cereal products at a rate of 1,000 kgs per hour. The Gough Linear Feeders that are fed via Big Bag Stations deposits at a rate of 500kgs per hour and are also functioned to screen the chocolate coated cereals for abnormally sized pieces of cereal, that can then be fed into a separate system. The interconnecting Conveyor System was nominally set at a speed of 18m per minute. The Food producer has used Gough Engineering for a number of years at multiple sites as Gough’s reliable and cost effective machinery, accompanied with 24/7 spares and service support, make Gough a safe choice.

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The Result:

Gough has many years of handling cereals from sugar coated cornflakes to muesli and oats. As maintaining product integrity and a good flow rate are paramount in the production of cereals, which Gough can ensure both with its range of interfacing materials handling equipment.

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