25 Jul 2016

Gough Engineering has manufactured materials handling equipment for the foods industry for over seventy years and with the increasing levels of hygienic regulations, food processors need to take every precaution available to ensure product integrity.

The plastic buckets used in elevators are in direct contact with food prior to packaging, if those buckets become damaged in any way, fragments can contaminate the process. As a result, a requirement has arisen that all plastic parts which could come into contact with food are both detectable, as well as food-contact approved. The metal detectable plastic will help food manufacturers with strict hygiene regulations and can help prevent costly recalls of contaminated food.

This works in line with metal detectors commonly found in a majority of food and beverage production lines.

The newly introduced Gough Swinglink metal detectable plastic buckets are made from weakly-magnetic, impact-resisting compounds, which are reliably detectable by already existing apparatus, widely used in the food-processing industry. Contaminated food can be automatically and reliably rejected, even when the foreign particles are only millimetres in size.

Metal Detectable Elevator Bucket Information Download

Swinglink Bucket Elevator System