Electromagnetic Feeders

A wide range of industries has benefited from the experience of Gough Engineering, for the controlled feeding of products and materials.

Through extensive research a range of electromagnetic feeders and hopper units has been developed, allowing for ease of use. The units may be connected to either a hand-controlled potentiometer or integrated into a system, the number of times the units can be stopped or started is not restricted.

The units may be utilised in numerous applications, including for example the controlled feeding of product to a weighing machine. Feeders can be supplied with integral hoppers for product storage, in either standard or customised sizes.


  • Open or enclosed
  • Carbon or stainless steel troughs
  • Corrosion or abrasion resistant linings (including U.H.M.W.P )
  • With water jacket to prevent damage from hot materials

For the movement of materials vibration has proved to be a simple, safe and effective solution - especially when screening.


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