Linear Screen Information

Our Vibratory Linear Screens are a robust and versatile system for processing and handling bulk products to achieve a range of production objectives.

We produce both light and heavy duty systems suitable for anything, from screening off fine particles as product moves along a feeding line, to those specifically designed for separating out complex and irregular shapes using a special purpose screen.

Any screen type can be manufactured and installed to achieve what is necessary, from standard meshes to grid bars or laser cut plates.

Single of multiple deck separations can be included, and all systems can be built up to food handling specifications.

Sliced Potato Screener

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Key Advantages of Linear Screens

Vibratory Screening Feeder Key Advantages

Feeding & Screening - Product feeding and screening can be combined into one unit, freeing up production space and reducing costs.

Multiple Separations - Single or multiple deck separations can be included with outlets designed to suit your process.

Construction Options - Systems can be constructed using stainless steels for food applications, or mild and hardened steels for heavier duties.

Sized to Suit - All systems are designed and manufactured to order, so units can be sized to handle any throughputs, and to fit into any production facility.

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Linear Screen Design

Vibratory Linear Screen Design

Light and Heavy Duty - The linear screen comes with electromagnetic high-frequency drives for lighter duties or heavier duty twin vibratory motors.

Suspension Options - Conventional coil springs or rosta suspension mounts can be used for cost efficiency or advanced motion control as required.

Special Purpose Screens - Along with conventional small and large aperture mesh screens, perforated plates and gridbars can be included for more specialised purposes.

Additional Options - The systems can be fitted with additional components to suit your process; including top covers, castors, and ball trays.

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