Swinglink Bucket Elevator Product Information

The Gough Swinglink Bucket Elevator is a chain and pendulum bucket type system used to convey a wide range of products at sites all around the world.

The Swinglink system presents a continuous row of overlapping buckets at the inlets and allows for single or multiple selective discharge stations. The system is available in a range of specifications to suit the application and can be installed as a standalone item, or as part of a larger scheme.


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Key Advantages of Swinglink Bucket Elevators

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Versatile Layouts - Vertical and horizontal elevator and conveyor sections can be combined to safely handle products along complicated routes.

Multiple Inlet & Outlets - Systems can be set out with multiple product in-feed and discharge stations, offering the possibility of combining or separating out into multiple production lines.

Fixed & Selective Discharge - Multiple outlet systems are made possible by selective discharge points. The selective discharge can be implemented through clever tipping cam arrangements or pneumatic systems.

Quick Release Buckets - Innovative chain design means all elevator buckets can be quickly removed for fast and efficient service and cleaning.

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Swinglink Bucket Elevator Construction

Solid Casing - Fully enclosed stainless or mild steel casing to prevent any foreign bodies entering the open buckets. The casing comes with quick release cover panels for service access.

Tubular Frame - Tubular framework and support structure which can be fitted with either stainless wire mesh of clear Makrolon panels for regular washdown or inspections purposes.

Plastic or Steel Chain - Plastic, mild and stainless steel chains are available to meet the specific application requirements.

Plastic or Steel Buckets - Elevator buckets are available in plastic, mild steel and stainless steel to suit application requirements. Steel buckets can also be non-stick coated.

Metal Detectable Plastics - Plastic components, including buckets and chain sprockets, can be manufactured from metal detectable plastics, allowing all components to be detectable by standards metal detection equipment.

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Swinglink Bucket Elevator Design

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Overlapping Buckets - The Swinglink design presents a continuous stream of overlapping buckets at the inlet, allowing the elevator to be fed with a constant stream of product with no spillage.

Modular Design - Swinglink bucket elevators are constructed from modular sections that can be easily reconfigured and modified should future production processes change.

Lubricant Free Chain - The chain used in the Swinglink bucket elevator uses chain attachments fitted with rollers that run along tracks inside the casing. The rollers mean no chain lubricant is required, and buckets can travel smoothly across horizontal conveyor sections.

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