Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator systems offer a reliable and effective method of conveying a wide range of products around a manufacturing environment.

Pendulum type bucket elevators are generally considered to be one of the most gentle and controlled methods of transferring products, offering real flexibility when considering layouts and throughputs.

We provide three types of Bucket Elevators which include; Swinglink Bucket Elevators, Econ-O-Lift Bucket Elevators and Horizontal Bucket Elevators.

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Key Advantages

Gentle and Controlled Handling -Securing product inside a solid bucket provides protection during conveying and maintains product integrity.

Variable Throughputs - By varying bucket size and rate of travel, throughputs can be altered to suit any production process.

Vertical Product Elevation - The vertical bucket travel of an elevator offers significant space saving versus inclined conveying equipment.

Flexible Layouts - Vertical and horizontal sections can be combined to manoeuvre product through complex and congested production facilities.

Bucket Elevator Layout Options

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Bucket Evelator Applications

Swinglink 3.0

The system’s gentle and secure handling means it is the preferred conveying solution for many food production facilities; however, the overall flexibility of the system means it is also applied in many other industries.

Cereal, sweets and dog biscuits; granules, pellets and powders are just a few examples of products conveyed using bucket elevators.

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Bucket Elevators Case Studies

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